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  • What makes Kivani Virgin Hair different than other hair companies?
    To name a few: 1. Our quality is top notch! Seriously. We know many businesses claim that, but a lot of time has been spent on quality assurance. Our Founder has 15+ years of experience in the hair extension industry. 2. We personally inspect every single item! We do not have a middle-man. We inspect & package each order with TLC. People work hard for their money so we do not take any customer for granted! We show that in not only the quality of our products but in the packaging process as well. Your support is greatly appreciated! 3. We give back to the community! A percentage of each purchase is donated to help our local homeless, women, & animal shelters. Your order is purchased with purpose, so you can shop GUILT-FREE!
  • What is the difference between Raw hair & Virgin hair?
    Our raw & virgin hair are BOTH 100% human hair. Our raw hair is not processed in any way. The pattern is the natural pattern of the donor. Our virgin hair may be slightly processed to achieve a beautiful pattern (i.e. Body Wave).
  • How do I know which length of hair to purchase?
    We recommend checking out the “Length Chart” under “Need Help?” for a visual. Each length is the length of the hair in inches when it is straightened. When in doubt we recommend selecting 2-4 inches longer for curly/wavy patterns.
  • How many bundles of hair come with each purchase under "Hair Extensions"?"
    One. To order more than one bundle you have to increase the quantity selected, but be aware of the length you have selected. If ordering 3 or more bundles we recommend ordering under “Bundle Deals” rather than “Hair Extensions” to save some money. Bundle Deals are discounted due to an increase of quantity purchased.
  • How many bundles of hair come with the “Bundle Deals”?
    Three. You will save money by selecting "Bundle Deals" rather than purchasing 3 bundles separately under “Hair Extensions”. If you need more than 3 bundles we recommend just adding a bundle under “Hair Extensions”. Please note, bundle deals are only sold in incremental lengths (ie. 12, 14, 16).
  • How many bundles of hair do I need for a full look?
    We recommend 2-3 bundles for lengths up to 18 in. & 3-4 bundles for lengths over 18 in. It can vary depending on head size & closure type (frontal, closure, or no closure). Our Brazilian Kinky Straight is typically a great option for 2 bundles. If using the bundles as a ponytail we recommend 1-2 bundles.
  • How long does your hair typically last?
    Our hair can last YEARS if taken care of properly but we like to state 1-2 years average.
  • How do I take care of the hair?
    Each hair purchase comes with a detailed hair care pamphlet.
  • Can I dye the hair?
    Absolutely! All of our hair is 100% human hair so it can be dyed. If you enjoy bright colors, such as hot pink, blue, lavender, etc. we recommend purchasing the 613 Blonde hair extensions to save time, instead of starting with our natural black/brown hair extensions. Trust! It will make your life easier.
  • Can I use heat on the hair?
    Absolutely! All of our hair is 100% human hair so you can use heating tools on the hair. For proper care of the hair we do recommend using a heat protectant spray on the hair prior to using a heating tool.
  • Does the edge control have a strong hold?
    Yes!! Our edge control is one of our most popular products! Not everyone has the same hair texture, but we have received feedback of the edge control lasting 12-48 hrs. We have been asked if it can be purchased in bulk at wholesale but unfortunately we do not offer that at this time.
  • How soon do you ship?
    All orders are shipped via USPS 2-Day shipping. Please see our “Shipping Policy” for detailed processing times.
  • What if I have further questions?
    We’re here to help! You can email us at or DM us on Instagram @KivaniVirginHair. We also encourage you to follow us on Instagram to stay plugged in to the latest! -Social media sales -New product releases -Limited time offers -And MORE!
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