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Kivani Virgin Hair imports top quality 100% virgin hair that has been collected from one donor.  Our hair is luxurious, super soft, & although gorgeous in the natural state it is versatile & can be dyed, bleached, & curled.  With proper care & maintenance can last 1-2 yrs.  *A maintenance guide is included with every order*


Brazilian virgin hair is the most popular on the market! It is thick & soft but lightweight with natural body & volume.  Due to the industry standard weight of 3.5 oz. the longer the bundles the shorter the wefts; therefore, we recommend 2-3 bundles for up to 18 in. & 3-4 bundles for 20 in. & longer for a full look. Why not save by buying in bulk!


LUSTER: Low to Medium


WEIGHT: 3.5 oz./bundle


COLOR: Ranges from black to brown depending on donor

Brazilian Silky Straight Bundle Deals

PriceFrom $259.00
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