The Brazilian Kinky Straight wig is great for ladies who love a natural, textured, straight look!  The roots are a natural wavy, the hair resembles a fresh blow-out, & when flat-ironed lays beautifully to present a relaxed straight look.  It also holds curls very well!  If silky straight isn't for you, you'll love this textured underrated gem!


Wig Type Options:


LACE FRONT:  Only the front portion of the wig has a transparent lace.  This portion of the wig can be parted to resemble a natural scalp appearance (ear to ear 13 in. & 4-6 in. from front of head to middle of head).


FULL LACE:  The entire wig is constructed on a transparent lace.  This allows for versatility in styling as it can be parted anywhere & resemble a natural scalp appearance.


**Please be sure to measure your head for proper wig size.**



COLOR:  Ranges from brown to black depending on donor.


**PRE-ORDER** Ships in 3-10 days depending on immediate stock availability.

Brazilian Kinky Straight Wig

PriceFrom $369.00